Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valentine Countdown

First of all, where's Toddler Group Tuesday? Well, the Smaller Person and I haven't been well, so we didn't actually make it to Toddler Group this week and I ended up sending instructions to "just get the paints and some paper out".

I'm feeling a little better today, not 100%, but you know, getting there. Which is good because I have SOOOOOO much to do!

A big shout out to Mr & Mrs Woo who welcomed sweet little Matilda Rose Mae into the world this last week. I'm sure she'll introduce you all once she's settled and returns to blogging. I know all babies are lovely, but Matilda really is the sweetest little thing!

Still on the subject of babies, my cousin's partner is in labour as I speak! Lots of luck Lauran and Matt :)

So I'm hurriedly trying to finish off a few little things baby related, but unfortunately cannot show you right now.

We have also been sharing the love at the Wishes house. After seeing this post here on bugs and fishes blog, we have created our own version of a Valentine countdown.

Mr Bogert's countdown garland.

Mr Bogert's individual envelopes have silver tissue paper across the bottom, his name written in gold metalic marker, a pale pink tissue paper heart with the number day written on with silver metalic marker.
There is one for Mr Bogert, one for the Small Person and one for the Smaller Person. One for me? nope, afraid not, but I'm OK with that. I know they all love me :)
*Edit - The Small Pserson came home from school with a message written on gold paper which said: "I love you to the moon" and when I asked her who it was for she said that she had written it for me because I didn't have any little notes to open, and that she does really love me too. Awww :)

This is the Small People's layered countdown (yes, that is Waybuloo on Telly. It's Zacks favourite).

Alex's are layered underneath Zack's.

For each different countdown we have used dinner money envelopes. I picked up a pack of 100 at the pound shop and everything else I already had. Each person's countdown is decorated differently. Alexandra's has a bifold card inside each with a message from Mummy and a message from Daddy. Mr Bogert's has a little slip of paper with a message from Alexandra and a folded card with a message from me. Zachary, because he's too small to read, is being shown the love with a little chocolate coin in each envelope.

The Smaller Person's envelope's have his name written in metallic silver marker, a strip of silver tissue paper and a silver, red and gold star. The day number is written on with metallic marker on a tissue paper heart.

The Small Person's envelopes have her name written on with gold metallic marker, a strip of lace across the middle, a 3D heart sticker left over from the Wonderland Party, and again a tissue paper heart with the day number written on.

I love the idea of telling your loved ones each day a different thing you love about them, or love them for. I'm trying to throw in some specific examples for Mr Bogert as well as some general reasons to adore him :)

The Small Person seems to really like this idea too and was so excited this morning to open her first envelope.

This was a really rushed last minute thing yesterday evening before bed. I would quite like to make some proper little bunting to hang the envelopes from in future. A project for next year I suppose!

Are any of you doing something special to show your love?

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