Sunday, 26 February 2012

Time Out

We've just survived another week that has flashed before our very eyes. Mr Bogert has been working almost every evening, and I have been trying to catch up on my course reading. I had forgotten just how difficult it can be trying to juggle two modules at once. I'm not really sure why something that had such a big impact on my life this time last year would escape my memory, but there you go.I really look forward to weekends. We get chance to spend time together as a family (just about) and we let boring chore type things slip a little (not entirely - we just relax a bit more), but even yesterday was overtaken by 'things'.

Everyone waiting and passing time before the Small Person's name was called. (Sorry for the poor quality of the images. I only had my phone with me!)

The Small Person has dance classes on Saturday mornings: Freestyle and Musical Theatre. She's just moved up to the older classes this week, so they were an extra half an hour. So the whole family rides over to Kenilworth, drops her at her dance class for 9am, then we have breakfast in The Almanack and collect her again at 10.30am. Normally that would be it for the day, but yesterday she had a ballet exam at 2.30 (we had to be there for 2pm) and a tap exam at 3.30 (we had to be there for 3pm) so we couldn't really relax and do anything because we knew we had to be back in Kenilworth for then. I'm not sure hwo she did, but she seemed happy with herself. Fingers crossed she earned her rosettes. We wont hear for a several weeks.

So we made up for it today. We took a family trip out to Cannock Chase Sculpture Trail. Zack absolutely loved the freedom of being able to run around freely. We weren't worried because it wasn't very busy and it's quite enclosed. The ground is quite soft too, so for the many times he tripped over a branch, over his own feet or just a wobble and lost his balance, all we got was dirty knees and "oh oh" or "Woah!" which is just too cute from such a tiny dude.

We also spent some time practicing a bit of lighting for photography. It didn't go quite as planned because the model was a bit temperamental (The Small Person is an easily bored Diva). I think we got a few shots we're both happy with, but we didn't get the lighting we wanted. We'll just have to try again with a more stationary model!

How poor little Zacky spent his time while we were photographing his big sister.

We had a Bogert packed lunch sitting on a large tube of (wooden) toothpaste, explored fairy homes, which Zack was fascintaed by, and made friends with the tortoise and the hare.

Entering the Fairy Woods

It was a very welcome break from housework and uni work. We're now home with the Smaller Person sleeping off his adventures on the sofa (sharing my blanket), the Small Person colouring in her room, and Mr Bogert and I are hiding behind our laptops with Got to Dance on in the background. We love this show.

Time spent in and around the maze.

I wish tomorrow was another Sunday.

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