Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Valentines Cards

I'm so pleased: the Smaller Person actually wanted to take part in this craft! I think it was the large glittery heart which drew him in.

This is so simple and fun to do.

You will need:

- An A4 sheet of card (we used cream and pink card at toddler group today)
- Glue
- A large craft foam heart (you can buy them pre-cut or cut your own. We have used glitter foam.)
- Tissue paper (we have used a bright coloured pack)
- Glitter

First fold your A4 sheet in half to create your card base.

Cut small heart shapes through the layers of all of your tissue paper. They don't have to be perfect - don't worry!

Put glue over your card base and stick tissue paper hearts everywhere, any way up, overlapping or not.

Now glue your foam heart shape over the top of your tissue paper heart beckground.

Add a bit more glue and sprinkle with plenty of glitter.

All finished!

Now all you need to do is write a lovely message inside for a loved one. The Smaller Person has made his for the Small Person. He really loves his big sister.

You could make pretty patterns with the glue before adding the glitter and you could add a little message to the front.

Happy crafting :)

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