Thursday, 9 February 2012

Quick Class Valentines

We've had a disruptive few weeks. Since New Year, Mr Bogert has had to go away four times on work trips. Our little routine has been a bit all over the place, and trying to keep up with Alexandra's dance, swimming and acting classes has been a bit of a juggling act.

Yesterday should have been swimming after school, but there are no buses that run back to our village after the lesson ends and we couldn't arrange a lift, so we had to miss out this week.

Instead, the Small Person came home on the school bus and after dinner and homework, we set about making some little Valentine hearts for her classmates. The most difficult job of all was getting the Small Person to remember the names of everyone in her class!

I can't claim to have thought of these, in fact, you've probably seen some version of them floating around the internet somewhere.This is one version I found that I pinned to Pinterest (above). They were so quick and easy to make.

We cut a heart shape out of coloured card (the Small Person chose blue, which I thought is quite a nice change from red or pink, and it makes them a little less girly for the boys).

This one is for the Small Person's very bestest friend ever. (I thought I was her best friend?)

I cut slits in the hearts to slot the pencil through.

I wrote 'Happy Valentine's Day' around the top left edge of the heart (I would have asked the Small Person to write this, but it was getting close to bedtime).

The Small Person then wrote 'love Alexandra xxx' on the bottom right edge, and her classmate's name on the top left of the heart.

Then she picked one heart shaped puffy sticker (left over from the Wonderland Party, and also used on the Valentine's Coutndown) to add to each.

I cut the coloured pipecleaners into three, and the Small Person wrapped two pieces around each pencil end to finish off the arrows.

Ones for the girls.

She was really happy with her version of this idea, and even more happy that she gets to take them into school today and hand them out to everyone, not a single classmate missed out. Because it was so quick and easy, she didn't start to get fed up either, which sometimes happens when she has multiples of the same item to make.

Some of the boys' Valentines.

We were a little short on pencils though (because I hadn't had to go into Kenilworth to collect her from school for swimming) so we had to ask Grandma and Grandpa and then also raid our drawers and shelves. We ended up using five new biros when we couldn't track down any more pencils! (25 children in all).

If we'd had more time, I think we would have got some glitter and more stickers out, maybe layered a second colour onto the hearts. Today was the last possible chance because we're now heading into half term (next week) and tomorrow (Friday) is a teacher training day so no school!

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer and I haven't thought about a single gift for Mr Bogert : /

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