Thursday, 10 September 2009

Better late than never

Here's the good luck card that the computer just didn't want me to show you yesterday:)

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months, years) where everything just goes so horribly against you, you want to cry? We've just had one of those. We must have THE worst luck ever :(

Mr Bogert hasn't been graduated that many years, so we're still overcoming the student debts (including his overdraft) which also means we have completely demolished any savings we ever had. We were however trundling along nicely, until the bank decided to reduce his overdraft limit without any notice, so that not only left us very short on cash (and several things had to go unpaid), they also wanted to charge us (and they have), then as these things are never lone incidents, he got caught doing 5 miles per hour over the speed limit and fined £60 (yes, his fault, but in his defence, it was down hill), then our rent (we have a shared ownership house so pay part rent and have part mortgage) was put up by £120 per year, then yesterday the car coughed, splutered and refused to move. The garage has said today that it's going to cost just under £1000 to fix :( Has to be done because he needs it to get to work and there's no way we can afford a new car :(

As there's very little I can do about any of these things (my mother in law is helping us out for the time being so it wont result in anything as drastic as being thrown out on the street!)) apart from feeling a bit down and like we're always clawing to get to normality, all I can think of is Disney. Stupid I know. 2 things spring to mind. Meet the Robinsons and their "keep moving forward" and Finding Nemo and "Just keep swimming". That's what we shall have to do.

I'm being optimistic that the wedding fair is going to bring us some luck (and business) on Sunday. One good thing to come out of this is I have finally set up my own Folksy shop. Something I'm a little excited about, and something I'm also slightly terrified by. You know when you get that little voice in your head say "what if I'm not good enough"? Yeah. I got that one. I've wanted to do it for a while, but had plenty of reasons to hold myself back (being a big scaredy cat being the main one), but this has kind of pushed me with the "well it can't hurt" mantra going in my head. So far, I've only got to listing the 4 cards shown in the last 2 posts, but hopefully this weekend, I can list some of those many bags I've been making for no reason. Let's just hope.....

Nothing else can go wrong, right? And we're due some good fortune surely?

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  1. 1. Yes you are good enough!!!!! Your work is great!!!!!!
    I think everyone who sells their own stuff always wonders if they're good enough...I do (like everyday!), I know my friends who sell do too.

    {I do wish that Live Traffic Feed would quit saying I'm from Brighton! Duh! Hello?!}

    Anyway, I can relate to where you are in life at the moment. I'm there too. I've struggled financially for years now as I did voluntary work before I left Glasgow to come down here. It is hard, there isn't anything glam about it. I understand...and one day things will change.
    Tomorrow would be a good day for that change, lets order it in shall we?