Sunday, 6 September 2009

I failed

I failed in my attempt to get the scrapbook finished before my friends got married this last Friday. I tried really hard, but it just wasn't going to happen. It shall have to be given after the honeymoon. Not quite the same, but better late than never. I hope.

Apologies I disappeared for about a week, but I was trying to get the book ready, things for toddler group and nursery (we go back to both this week) and obviously wedding cards and outfits etc and time just slipped away from me.

The wedding was lovely. They had fish and chips for the evening meal, lottery tickets for their favours (we didn't win :C) and a jukebox for the evening entertainment. I really enjoyed myself. Great time catching up with friends, nice venue and both bride and groom scrubbed up well ;D

Mr Bogert was an usher, so I didn't see that much of him. He was off and about being social. The small person was only invited to the evening, which worked out nicely (apart from the bit where she found the bridesmaid's thank you gift and smashed it on the floor. Oh the joys of being an apologetic parent). I've been trying to learn how to use the non "numpty" settings on our camera (as Mr Bogert calls them) and didn't do too badly.

So here we go. Introducing Mr & Mrs Weller.....

The ushers, groom and best man. (There's Mr Bogert on the left)

The other newlyweds, The Monty's

Congratulations guys :)

Since I last posted, we've also been to see Spider's Web at the local theatre. I really enjoyed it. We don't get to go to the theatre much (usually just panto once a year, and that's hardly the same). It was opening night, we went early enough to have a drink frist, but then only about 2 minutes into the first scene, the house lights came back on. It was confusing, we wondered if someone was going to make an entrance through the seats, but no. Then the guy who was actually in charge of the show came on and explained they were going to have to stop because an alarm had gone off. We all had to stay seated with the actors on stage. It must have been really awkward for them just sitting up there with all these grinning faces staring back at them! Finally they decided to carry on with the lights still up whilst the fire service reset the system. Then once that was all sorted, we had an intermission that wasn't an intermission. The curtain came down, the house lights came up and we all walked out, went to the loo (as you do) and got a drink, only to be called straight back in again. The actors were already part way thorugh the next scene when we found our seats! Oh well. I still enjoyed it. The cast were very good.

I've also been helping Rob get ready for next Sunday, when he has his first wedding fair for the photography. Nearly don'e, just waiting fro prints and things to come through from being ordered. Next Monday is also his first photography club meeting. He's got it all sorted, I just need to go and be tea lady (and hopefully get chance to join in!).

And on a crafty note, here's some pics of some pages completed so far in the scrapbook. Hopefully it'll get finished soon, I have a feeling getting back into our term time routine is gonna take me a few weeks though. It kind of crept up on me. I knew it was coming, and then I turned around and it was right in front of me!

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