Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It's Mrs Woo's fault! ; )

Mrs Woo has got me all Christmassy thinking because of this post! I promised myself I would get all the toddler group things ready, all my halloween things ready and all of the small person's birthday things out of the way before I let myself get sucked into the wonderful swirl of Christmas (mainly 'cos once I'm there, there's no getting me back!) But, I gave in. I've made some xmas crochet bows and have started sketching out other things I really want to make. Must. Stop. Now. Or everything between now and December 1st will be lost!

Talking about Christmas though, how many of you have started xmas shopping/crafting/planning? I always start the shopping very early because of Alexandra' s birthday being the end of November and needing to be organised, but I try not to start crafting xmassy things until I'm all sorted with everything else. I'm actually starting to get nervous that I'll be asked to do costumes for the nursery again (I don't mind, but it completely takes over!).

Right. Pirates? Yes I did get my pirate craft fix last week. I finished most of the eye patches for the goody bags that the kids coming to Alex's party will get. I got as far as I could with the elastic I had. The last few shouldn't take too long once I've restocked my supplies.
These are for the girls. The purple spot ones are backed with plain pink and the pink spot ones are backed with plain purple. The red one on it's own is for the birthday girl.
These are for the boys, but aren't finished. You can see the backing colour for each behind.

Also my Nan (who by the way is amazing) found some pale blue and pale pink fabric with small white dots. Just what I wanted for the bunting! Yay! And she didn't even know I was looking for any! There isn't a whole lot of it, so I will probably use plain fabric on the other side of the flags to help it stretch a bit further. The invites still aren't finished, but that's due to lack of ink in the printer. I promise I will show you when I'm done though.

Because of international talk like a pirate day, scarecrows at toddler group got bumped to this week (below is the small persons from today. Recognise the dungaree fabric, Heather? and I have plenty left for other ideas that are brewing) and we decorated simple felt eye patches instead. Alex made one for herself and one for Daddy. After all what use is it being a pirate if you can't take your Daddy with you on the high seas?

And so to bows. The pile of rainbow bows can now have the clips added because they arrived in the post today! Yay! So that will be the large and medium bows, but I still need to get some blank slides for the smaller ones, which I think I'll sell in pairs. Before I made the Christmas bows I was being good and getting some halloweeny things done and made some halloween bows. I need to make an extra one for the small person though as she wants to wear one at Mickey Mouse's Halloween.
Halloween bows
My quiet evening project (after the small person has gone to bed).

Looks like the medium size hot pink bow has gone. (This is my little sister btw)

The black and white toddler group photographs were gorgeous as always. I've ordered 5, but if I were richer I could have quite easily ordered all 8 (yes 8!). Orders went in today, so we should have them back in a couple of weeks.

Mr Bogert is off galavanting in Kansas City with his boss and another colleague. They're at a user group (I think) from yesterday until Sunday. He's actually visiting Hallmark cards today. That I would find interesting. I'm hoping he gives me a full run down and not the usual "nothing much happened" or "I can't really remember".

While he's away I'm having a good old fashioned girly sleepover (based in my living room!) with a bunch of old school friends. Really looking forward to a good old catch up. Now we're all "grown ups" (or pretending to be) we don't have as much free time to see each other what with kids, jobs, houses, and partners, and we're all a bit more scattered. I think this will be the first time this particular group of friends have all been in the same place at the same time for over a year. Also, big point of the night is we're getting chinese take away. Yummy! I love chinese food.

They'll all just be leaving as Mr Bogert returns, then we're off to see Mickey the next day! Can anybody say busy?


  1. Well, seeing as the sugar plums dancing in your head is my fault...I should admit that the only Christmas planning I've got going is a little list. That's it! ACTUALLY....wait until you see this website! OH MY!

    It is complete with printable forms! I already have my Christmas binder put together. And I'm excited about it!

  2. OH...and I am totally blown away by this fact:

    Mr Woo has started his Christmas shopping. WHAT?! This is the man who does not plan!