Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Who am I kidding? I've never been good with surprises. I used to sneak into mum and dad's room and search for the christmas presents when I was a kid, then put them back and try and act surprised when on christmas morning. In my defence, I was aided by my little brother who's always been a bad seed ;)
I've been crafting, it's only a small thing but I'm not supposed to show you until they (the intended recipient) has seen it, but a sneaky peek maybe? Just like christmas?

OK. That's all folks. Can't show you any more, you'll have to wait a few days.

It was our first day back to toddler group today. The day started as well as I expected it to. The alarm went off, I got up started getting ready, sorted out the small person, gathered my things and even had time to rearrange our studio apartment with some new book shelves. That's when I realised we don't have a studio apartment and I'd carried on dreaming though the alarm. Cue headless Vicky running around the house asking Alexandra why her tights still aren't on and where on earth did I put the house keys. Nothing like a gentle lull back into your routine.

Anyway things actually improved once I got there. We were ready on time, some mum's actually remembered we were back today (the first few weeks back are always slow as everyone gets back into the swing) and the book man turned up as planned (even though I'd forgotten we'd planned it!). I have the toddler group craft planned out up until Christmas and goes a little like this:

15/09 - Photographer is taking b+w kids photos
22/09 - Scarecrow collage/lollipop stick character
29/09 - Sock puppets
06/10 - I'm away, so thought it would be best to leave the craft for that week.
13/10 - Pretty Pottery (I've just arranged today) company that we saw at the coutry festival.
20/10 - Halloween craft (not 100% which idea I'm going to use for this)
27/10 - HALF TERM
03/11 - Firework craft (Toilet roll middle rockets)
10/11 - Poppies for remembrance
17/11 - Again, I might not be there, so I've left this week free
24/11 - Christmas tree decorations (for the church's xmas tree festival and to take home)
01/12 - Sponge printing your own wrapping paper and making cards for xmas
08/12 - Tissue paper xmas wreath

I'll post pics as we go through. I'm really looking forward to the pottery painting though! Most of the mum's were talking about using them as xmas presents.

So, we survived the return to toddler group, now I just need to get through the first few days of Alex returning to pre school!

The rest of today, I've been mounting Mr Bogert's latest wedding prints in an album for this Sunday's wedding fair. I really hope he gets some interest at this show. So much time and effort (and a bit of cash) has been put into preparing for it, and, although I know I'm biased, his work is really good, and he seems to get better every time. Fingers crossed for him.


  1. As a very pleased bride {with my wedding photos} I think his work is excellent AND He goes above and beyond! Like packaging the dvd for me to send to my family in the US. So good.
    I should also mention that as a photographer and designer myself I have quite high standards AND I might be a horrible client because I know exactly what I want. Your Mr Bogert seemed to be able to read my mind because the wedding photos were really, really wonderful.
    I didn't want fakey posed photos...which was going to be hard since the wedding day was the first time we met Rob...I mean Mr Bogert. He seemed really comfortable and confident, so I felt comfortable and confident with him as our photographer. 5 stars no doubt. :D

  2. p.s. i always found our christmas presents too....I'd even unwrap ones that arrived wrapped and then rewrap them once I'd scoped out what was inside....i can't stand the wait!