Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lots to show

I've just listed these bags in my folksy shop (which I think I'm getting the hang of!) and hasn't my little model done a lovely job!

Happy Birthday to my Grandad for yesterday. 84 years young. Alexandra decided she was "the birthday giver" and took great pride in handing over our handmade cards and she sang happy birthday :)

I'm still loving making these. Every single one of this rainbow of bows is destined for a hair band/clip/barrette. I just need to order some blanks. I made the large size originally, but I've experimented and now have 3 sizes.

The small person's hand painted mug from the coutry show arrived! Yay! I love it, but alas, I can't keep it. It's destined for Alexandra's Nanny's birthday present. Good job I've booked the same company to come into toddler group in October then, isn't it?

This is Nanny, so I've been told.

This is the sunshine with legs standing in the mud :D

This is my latest play around with crochet. I went into work early (4:30am) on Saturday and then they had me covering the special delivery cages (not nearly as cage like as it sounds) where you get a mad flurry of activity, then it all goes quiet. Thank god I always have a bit of crochet in my bag. So this is the result of a dull lull. I'm super proud of my bobbles, can you tell?

Sunday we were at Rob's first wedding fair. Here I am looking all smart and serious on Rob's stand :D It was a small fair in Coalville, but it was nice, nothing went wrong, we met some lovely people from the other stands, and there was interest in Rob's work. We remember from when we were planning our wedding, we never booked anything there and then at a fair, we went for ideas, information and to bring it away to discuss and decide together at home. With that in mind, we weren't really expecting any actual bookings on the day. I fact, speaking to everyone, only the suit hire guy and chair cover lady got actual solid bookings on the day (3 for the suits and 1 for the chair covers). Fingers crossed we were liked enough to get some enquiries or bookings. There were 4 brides that we thought were very interested for next year.

And finally, meet Winnie and Wilbur. These are both hand appliqued felt just a bit smaller than the size of a saucer. I had to do something halloweeny :)

So I've been quiet but very busy. We have the car back and it's working lovely now. Lets hope it stays that way for many more miles. At toddler group today we had the black and white photographer in. I love her pictures of the kids. I always buy the ones of Alex because they're always so nice and natural. (She just told me today that I get 50% off for being the organiser! Bargain!) She doesn't pose the kids, she just snaps candids whilst they play. We get the proofs back next week. Excited already!

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    I love it all!
    Alexandra is the perfect model & what an artist!!!! I wouldn't be able to send that mug on if it were me! What a lovely idea. I shall store that idea for when/if Mr Woo and I make some little Woos. I would imagine that it must be such a wonderful feeling to be crafty with your own wee one. Too bad Poppy can't hold a paint brush otherwise I'd have her giving it a go!

    AND I will have to order a couple of hair bows. I had short short hair for years, it's finally growing out and I don't know what to do with it...but those bows are tooooo cute! I'm gonna be Dorothy for halloween and I think she has bows in her hair I need to check! Lemme know when you get your barrettes in!

    I love your work & great photos! Weeeeeee!