Wednesday, 9 September 2009

More cards

I've had a really dull day today. Much housework, lunch making, washing, clothing selecting, bed changing and school bag finding took place. Very uneventful. I couldn't even go anywhere because I was waiting in for a delivery for Mr Bogert which didn't come until late afternoon. Not that I had plans for a trip out mind you, but it's always nice to have the option.

Mr Bogert however had loads of fun. The car is broken. Again. It's always our car. So a work from home day for him tomorrow, car going into the garage, and a friend loaning him his car just to get the small person to her first day back at pre school. Fantastic :(

Anyway, my fun bit of the day was when I got to chill with a bit of card making. Here are the fruits of my labour (you may recognise the house one. I liked it so much, I made it again.) there are 2 of each design.

There is actually a fourth design, a Good Luck card, but as my computer now seems to have decided it doesn't want to play anymore I'll have to try and show you that one tomorrow.

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