Monday, 21 September 2009


I missed international talk like a pirate day :( How did I not notice this!

And so today all my crafting shall be associated with the small person's birthday party (which isn't until December) so that I can relive what I missed on Saturday. Good plan. So far today I have worked out the wording for the invites, which as you may remember, I had made a start on.

Ahoy shipmate --------------!
Ye be invited t’ Captain Alexandra’s 4th birthday bash!
We be in need of shipmates t‘ swab the deck, so come
dressed in your best pirate finery. (fancy dress)

We set sail on
Saturday 5th December 11am
so chart yer’ course for

This Place
and join us fer some fun, games and grub.

Wave yer’ flag if ye be attendin’, if not ye’ll have t’ walk the plank!

What do you think? It's not so piratey people wont have a clue what I'm on about, is it?

Next I'm going to turn my attention to some goody bag bits I'd cut out ages ago and not got any further with. I really want to make the bunting, but I'm having huge difficulties finding the fabrics I want. You know when you have an idea in mind and no other thing will do? Well at the moment my creative side is refusing to compromise, which is anoying my organised side that just wants everything to be done and ready so we can get back to christmas planning. They may have a fight.

In other news. I have been so busy! Getting back into the term time swing is hard. Late library books have been returned, many buses have been caught, toddler group has been busy with a severe shortage on volunteers last week, and then I've been trying to sort out the house which is still an awful mess although we've been living here a year now (wow that went fast!) the problem being we still have a severe lack of storage space because we can only do a bit at a time. We're getting there though. Our aim is to have the kitchen properly finished (oh alright, mostly?) by christmas so we can function a bit easier.

Mr bogert is due to go on a business trip next week and when he returns on the Sunday we'll be packing the car for our holiday the next day! Very excited! We're going to Eurodisney for Mickey's not so spooky Halloween party :D

Mr Bogert had his first camera club evening last Monday night, which I completely forgot to mention! It went really well and we had quite a good turn out. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it as much as me and they'll all return next month (which he already has planned out. Isn't he clever :D) I really need to work on my editing skills. They are NOT good. Mr Bogert.........?

Photos from camera club of our lovely model, Lisa

The last bit of activity I think I need to mention is results from the wedding fair. Mr bogert has had a call from one of the 4 brides we thought were most interested and she's arranged a face to face meeting for this Thursday. Fingers crossed this is going to be a booking. We also took a trip over to Derby way to take some photographs for one of the cake ladies who were at the fair. Her cakes are so yummy! (She gave us some samples to try) and they look really good too. She's having her website re-designed so wanted new photographs for it. Hope she's happy with them, but her cakes really do speak for themselves. It was lovely chatting to her and her daughter too.

Mr Bogert thought these were real! Isn't she talented!

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  1. I wish we lived closer! Oh the Christmas festivities we'd have!