Monday, 11 January 2010

100? Really?

I've just logged in to make a very quick post about me still not being totally with it, and I'm so not with it, I was just greeted by the magical number 100! This is my 100th post, and yet what I have to say doesn't really seem to fit this momentus occassion. Lets celebrate my 100+ post, ok?
So, yes, I'm still not myself. I'm still a bit icky feeling, life however must go on, so today I've been giving some thought to the rest of the toddler group crafting year. I have a plan. I just now need to prepare it all, so I'm not doing the night before each session ('cos that happens more often than I'd like to admit).

12/01 - Finger puppets
19/01 - Wood shaving owls
26/01 - Printed snakes
02/02 - Chinese New Year fans (starts 14th feb)
09/02 - Love bird Valentines cards
23/02 - Mask decorating
02/03 - St David's Day daffodils
09/03 - Mother's Day cards
16/03 - Shamrock picture holders (St Patrick's Day)
23/03 - Easter cards
13/04 - Garden collage
20/04 - Flag making (St George's Day)
27/04 - Pipe cleaner bugs
04/05 - Lion/giraffe pictures
11/05 - Tissue paper blossom tress
18/05 - Door hangers
25/05 - Felt monster collage
08/06 - "My house" model/collage
15/06 - Father's day "Dad Heads"
22/06 - lollipop stick people
29/06 - Fridge magnets
06/07 - Sandcastle collages
13/07 - Ice cream sundae collage
20/07 - Biscuit decorating

See, it looks like a plan. (Although writing a weekly plan out that takes me until the end of the school year - and the small person's last preschool year - makes me feel like times flying by already!) I'll keep you posted as we work our way through the school year. This afternoon, I'll be turning these.....
....into these......

...ready for tomorrow's finger puppet session (which we probably wont have too many people attend 'cos of the weather.)

And, tonight is the first camera club session of the new year. I hope Mr Bogert's all set. We're talking about tools that manipulate light tonight. Fingers crossed I learn something!

PS - Head on over to Christine Chintis' blog Lavender and Limes. Not only is it a lovely blog (that I always follow) but she's having a super give away of some lovely items purchased on her recent visit to India (give away is open internationally). Go take a look!

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  1. It's amazing how fast it goes! I couldn't believe it when I got to 50 posts! Then 100 was a mind blower! Fun times! Wishing you many more!