Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finger puppets by small people

Puppet plan complete successfully!

There was a slight snag when I had actually stitched a few of the finger puppets and thought perhaps I should try one on the small person. Small people's fingers ARE small, although apparently not as small as I had envisaged. Oooops! So the had to be re-cut and sewed. Thank goodness I tried them before we went to toddlers! Here's the small person modelling her creations.
The red one is called "Flee" and the purple one is called "Flee Flamily" (Yes I did intentionally put an extra 'L' in there) and the small person says that they are friends with Tinkerbell.

These were so easy to make (which is good considering the do-over which took place!). Just 2 pieces of felt machine sewed around the edge and then the kids used PVA glue to stick felt cut outs, sequins and googly eyes to make their own little characters. If I'd have had more time I would have cut some bits and pieces out for capes and butterfly wings etc. Seemed to go down well anyway.

In the end we actually had quite a few turn up which I was very surprised by with the weather. 14 littlies in total.

Turn out for camera club last night was also higher than I expected with 2 newcomers. Hope they enjoyed it enough to come back next time. We had a model named Joe in for the shooting part of the session. I'm not overly impressed with my piccies this time though :( I tried a bit of editing and Mr Bogert got home looked at it, and said "that photo you've taken's got potential" to which I replied "What do you mean potential? This is after editing" and Mr Bogert pulled a face! Way to boost my confidence Mr Man :P

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  1. What a fun project! I'm storing them all up in my head in case I need to use them one day!!!!