Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.......

And I certainly haven't.

I'm still ill. Sicky Vicky :( The cough that plagued me all of Christmas developed into full blown flu just in time for check in at the hotel for new year :( How much partying did I get done? Not a whole bunch. I did make it downstairs for dinner on New Year's Eve and stayed up drinking lemonade until the clocks chimed. I even ventured to the bar of the health club on New Year's day with my book whilst Mr Bogert and the small person went into the pool. Then I went back to bed with a really bad headache.

I still have the worst chesty cough and feel rotten. You can tell how awful I feel. There has been no crafting! I know! It's terrible! I also feel incredibly cheated. I now have to wait another 12 months to enjoy my favourite time of year.

I have done a few of the small person's craft kits with her. We made a family of puppets (I drew the outlines and she filled them in) she sewed a picture frame and a purse, and today she decorated a mirror and hairbrush with a whole bunch of bling.

l-r - Lion ('cos every family needs one, dontcha know), Me, The small person, Mr Bogert

There is snow everywhere, which I would love to go out and enjoy, but can't because of this stupid yuckiness that's ruining all of my fun. My little sister did however save the day, and took the small person out the front to make a snowman and snowangel. My sister's not big on the making of snowmen but points for effort.

I am now going to sit on my comfy sofa and attempt some of my own crafting, that's if I can get into the swing....

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  1. Oh dear!I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell!Mr D has been ill over the holidays too-as soon as he gets tme off, it seems his body says "Right!We now have time to be sick!Let's do it with a vengeance!" Awful.Hope you get well soon!PS-Your wee sister's snowman effort is exactly like mine..I need an online tutorial.. :D