Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Snakes alive!

Today at toddler group I stuck to my plan and we printed patterns on cardboard snakes.

We used red, orange and pink poster paint and we printed with some rollers, sponges, bottole lids (including the large ones from the top of fabric softener bottles) and cotton reels.

There's loads of other things you could try printing with - vegetables (potatoes, carrots etc), scrunched up paper, bags and old tights, bubble wrap, stripped corrugated card, household utensils (potato masher, washing up brush/sponge) the list goes on and on!

Next week we're going to decorate some paper fans and cardboard dragons ready for Chinese new year (starts 14th Feb).

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  1. Yet another cute one!Love those groovy snakes..I have a site I use with cute, easy & budget craft ideas you might like. It's
    Yet to post owl pics-been a bit mad this end :D
    x Liz