Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Owls made by small people

As promised, here is a (terrible because of poor light) photograph of one of the owls created at todays toddler group session. It is of course Alexandra's owl, and isn't it absolutely fantastic? She did a really good job, so much so that she then went around telling all the other children "You have to do it like mine!" That was a calm (know-it-all) order, not a suggestion or exclamation.

We used empty cereal packets for the main head and body shape and also the face shape. Felt was used for the eyes and beak, and then lots of pieces from our brown collage tub around the body. We also used some dark brown lentils to fill. The front was made from sawdust and wood shavings. Next week we're printing snakes! :D

Well, I had hoped to have some of the sewing for Alexandra's new bedroom things done today, and although I was more organised than I recall ever being, and I was up well before the small person, I have to confess I have neither switched on the sewing machine nor picked up a needle and thread. My defence is this "lots of people have wanted to talk to me today". I've had 3 house visitors, 1 person stop me in the street on the way to toddler group to give me some very good news and 2 people want to talk to me at toddler group. Busy busy, very popular me ;)

I think I might try and get a bit done once the small person has settled in her bed, especially seeing as Mr Bogert has gone galavanting on a photo shoot.

The good news delivered to me in the street is that a local motorcycle gang/group have regular fundraisers and donate the money to charity, but this time they'd like to donate some to our little toddler group! How lovely is that of them!? They gave some to the air ambulance already, I just need to speak to the mum's and other organisers at toddler group about what we might like some money to go towards. I just thought it was so nice for our group to be thought of. It made me all smiley :)

So, on the one hand I've been very popular with all my visitors and conversations today, unfortunately not so popular with my give away :( I feel a bit like the last kid to be picked for the sports team at school! (which had I have taken part in any sports, I'm sure I would have been) So, if you're just feeling shy, you've still got time to enter! Draw wont be taking place until tomorrow 3pm GMT. Here's the post you have to comment on to enter. I promise it's painless and maybe even fun :D

Speak to you all tomorrow!

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  1. Vix, we totally need to collaborate :D Small Person's owl is GORGEOUS! And you guys seem to have great ideas for toddler group etc!! We recently opened our own childcare facility ( ,after 10 years work!!) and I will deff be using the owl idea first thing tomorrow! (We are taking part in the Schools/Nurseries RSPB Big Birdwatch next week, and this would fit ina treat!Yet another reason I love reading your blog...oh, and PS-your quilt is looking amazing!! x