Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Winners, Yup, More than one!

Well the time has come to announce my give away winners. There are 3 (for reasons that become obvious if you read the original post!) so well done to Natty (also known as Natalie) of Nats Nest who said

"ooo, ooo I want to enter! (super cute brooch)I'm really proud of the doll I made for the momiji contest last year (she didn't win, but I love her, and it was my first attempt at a doll). You can see a picture here"

I thought the doll you made was super cute, and the name was perfect!
and well done Mrs Woo (also know as Felicia) of Made for you by Mrs Woo who said

"I am so lucky to have wonderful crafty people in my life, I always have done, so there are lots of amazing things that have been given to me, but the one I treasure most is my Union Jack pincushion made by YOU! I was thinking about it in my sewing box the other day and dreaming of how I'll still have it and be able to remember what it commemorates and how lovely it was to get such a thoughtful gift as a total surprise! I love it, thanks so much for the special keepsake Vicky! I really do treasure it a great deal and am looking forward to passing it down {and the accompanying card} through my family x"

Which of course made me blush! (Very pleased to have made something which was so well recieved and loved.)

and thirdly to Heather (yes, potato salad Heather), one of my oldest and dearest friends who lives far too far away for my liking, who said

"This giveaway is intriguing...especially the mystery one, though that brooch is gorgeous too! Now for my crafting...I think I'm probably most proud of some of the x-stitching I've done. I first started x-stitching when I had depression; it helped somehow, I just don't know how! Isn't crafting ace?! Anyway, long after the horrible 'd' word left me, I carried on and have now done quite a lot including 2 birth samplers and a huge wedding sampler. One of the birth samplers is probably my favourite though; I stitched it to celebrate the birth of my second cousin and upon receiving it, my cousin and his wife decided to decorate the baby's bedroom in the colours of my sampler so it all matched...I can't tell you how touched I was. You know, I think maybe I'll have to start my own blog to show off my x-stitching (and occaisionally other crafts too)!"

I really think you should keep a blog, Heather. Then I can keep up with what you've been up to too. Not sure where you'd fit it in time wise, but.......

So your goodies will be on the way to you 3 lovely ladies very soon!

Ho hum. Tomorrow I'm back to dreary work. Today I am getting organised so that I'm ready for it! I have made soup to store, tidied and cleaned, caught up on a huge pile of washing (but not the ironing - oops!), put out clothes for tomorrow, filled pre-school bags (there are many), made lunches and have made decent headway with the bed cover for the small person's room.

This is (very) obviously un-ironed and again in poor lightbut you can see how it's coming together and the colour of the stitching I'm using for the appliques. I'm quite enjoying it and the small person keeps popping over to the sewing machine and saying things like "Wow mummy!" and "That is just so good, mummy" and "I think that is mine and I will show everyone that you made it". It's nice to have a fan.

Now I'm going to come over all housewifey again and cook pork goulash ('cos the beef was icky with too much gristle and fat) with tagliatelle. Got to make the most of it. Once I'm at work I make cheat dinners! :D (But shhhh, don't tell anyone!)


  1. Oooo, I'm so excited about what goody I'm going to get in the post :) I think I may have to try to work out out to set up a blog'll probably end up being about guidey things as well as crafty things knowing me, but hey ho! Just got to decide what to call it now...


  3. Yay! I'm all excited now! I love getting stuff in the post, thank you so much ! x I'll email you my address x