Monday, 25 January 2010

Can you help me feel brave for the NSPCC?

Hello everyone! My name is Bessy Bear and I belong to Alexandra.

I know you're normally used to Mrs Mummy writing about things she makes on here, but today she's letting me talk to you all. You see, the thing is, I'm doing something very brave next Sunday, and I'm starting to feel a little bit nervous and scared.

It was Alexandra's idea and because she's so nice to me and plays with me and looks after me, I wanted to make her happy, and now she's so excited! The shopping centre in our town is raising money for the NSPCC which Mrs Mummy said helps lots of children who aren't as lucky as Alexandra. So I said I would join in to help. It's called "Bears in the Air".

I'm being sponsored to fly across a zip wire at the very top of the shopping centre!

Now you can see why I'm getting a bit scared. What if I'm too scared of how high I am? What if my knees turn to jelly? What if everyone can see under my dress as I fly across? I told Mrs Mummy (because I didn't want to worry Alexandra) and she tried to make me feel better, but she also said whenever she feels upset or nervousor worried she can always talk to her lovely friends on here to make her feel better. She said I could try the same thing, so do you think you could all make me feel a bit braver? I don't want to let down my sponsors or Alexandra.

Mrs Mummy has just given me one thing to make me less scared and a bit more brave.
Pants! Not just any pants either. She says they're super pants! Now I don't need to be scared of people seeing under my dress!

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