Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Getting Christmasified! (sure, it can be a word!)

We have been holding off (as we always do) the Christmas decorating until after the Small Person's birthday and birthday party are out of the way.

Mr Bogert is all about Christmas and he was just itching to get the lights and tree up, so no sooner had we said goodbye to the last little princess this last Sunday, he was up the stairs bringing box after box down.

We didn't think the Smaller Person would really be old enough to hang tree decorations, even the unbreakable ones, but he desperately wanted to join in so we let him try. He was so gentle and careful, and really loved that he was helping. Okay, he hung about three or four decorations to one branch, but whose checking?

He's really into Christmas this year, especially the lights. He calls the tree 'Tismastee' which when he says it fast sounds like 'Timothy'. I think our tree may have found a new name. Even Santa is 'tismastee'. Anything Christmas related really.

The Smaller Person is still plenty young enough to enjoy every little bit of Christmas and was really helpful getting the decorations up. She normally puts the star on the tree (with help from Daddy), but this year relinquished the role to her little brother because he's never done it before.

The problem is, we forgot. By the time the tree was up and the stockings were hung, we completely forgot to finish it off with the star. All the next day, the Smaller Person was very concerned the the star was missing. He kept pointing saying 'Twinkle twinkle star'. As soon as Mr Bogert got home, the Smaller Person presented him with the star and said 'Twinkle twinkle star, up there' pointing to the top of the tree. It's a good job our little man is on the ball. Our tree might have gone starless for a few extra days if he wasn't here to whip us into shape :)

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