Wednesday, 12 December 2012

St Nicholas Church Christmas Tree Festival

Just popped back in to help you feel extra Christmassy by showing you a selection of the lovely trees we saw at the Christmas tree festival this last Friday at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth (after we'd been to the Christmas light switch on).

This tree belongs to the Church Bell ringers :)

We had voting cards to vote for our favourite trees in each category: Adults, Childrens and Schools.

This tree is from the town council and has tiny minutes booklets and little elves  with what I assume are council members faces on.

This tree has been decorated by  Red Dragon Ceramics which is run by one of the Mum's from  the Small Person's dance classes. She makes paints all sorts of lovely ceramics and we have a couple of her tree decorations on our tree that the Small Person and Smaller Person painted.

Alexandra absolutely loved this teddy bear tree and thought the angel bear was fantastic.

Look at all of the lovely individual little dolls on this tree!

Mr Bogert and the Smaller Person having a little rest. As lovely as it was, it was pretty difficult to get around with the pushchair.

The Small Person's school decorated this tree.

This tree had the journey to Bethlehem played out on a pathway up to the top of the tree where the stable stands.  A lot of hard work went into this one.

'When you wish upon a star' and each hanging star had a wish written on.

Kenilworth Women's Institute.

Stopping off for a drink and a biscuit :)

We had a lovely time. I can't wait to find out which tree won each category!

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