Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Gingerbread Christmas Cards

Christmas is getting closer and closer by the day (sorry if you hate being reminded!) especially now that we are officially in December!

This week we've been make some lovely gingerbread stamped cards.

To make your own gingerbread cards you will need:
- Plain card in festive colours or white
- Gingerbread coloured paint
- Sponge
- Christmas Cookie cutters
- Gold glitter
- White ric rac or yarn
- Coloured sequins
- Pen
- Scissors
- Red/green paper
- Metallic pen

First fold your card in half to form your card base.
Take your chosen cookie cutter and place it on the sponge. Drawn around the shape with your pen, then cut out. This creates your own Christmas sponge stamp.(If you're lucky enough to have christmas stamp shapes that are big enough, you can skip this step!)
Using your Christmas stamp and the gingerbread coloured paint, stamp your shape onto your card.
Whilst the paint is still wet, stick your white yarn/ric rac as icing, and your sequins as sweets. The sprinkle all over with glitter for some festive sparkle!

Cut a strip of red or green paper (I cut ours in a curved shape) and write your message in metallic paper then glue onto your card to finish.

All done!

Here's the Smaller Person's finished Gingerbread Snowman :)

This works well with any Christmas shape, but especially well with Gingerbread man shapes. Ours today were Christmas Trees, Bells, Snowmen and Angels. You could make your own gingerbread stamped garland in the same way, by cutting your Gingerbread creation out once they are dry, punching holes along the top and threading on a ribbon to hang up. You could cut out 2 of the same stamped shape and sandwich a loop of ribbon between them to make a double sided hanging tree decoration. Make one side plain, and you have a lovely gingerbread gift tag. You can also stamp your gingerbread shapes onto plain paper gift bags or repeatedly onto larger sheets of paper for wrapping. There are so many things you could do!

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