Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Birthday Creations

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of extra things I made for the Small Person's birthday last week.

After she saw the Smaller Person's crochet robot, she asked if I could make her  princess doll for her birthday. I was just going to make a standard doll and dress her like a princess, but then I came across this crochet pattern for only a couple of pounds (and I know I can use it again). It was simple to follow and turned out just as it should. I might have to have a little browse of the other patterns...

At the moment she really likes 'Brave'. She wants to dress as Merida for her Princess birthday party, and we'll be watching Brave at the party. I saw the picture of the finished doll on the pattern and I knew it was just perfect. I didn't have time to make the accessories or split the yarn for the hair, and I think the safety doll eyes on the original look much better than the felt and stitched ones I have sewed (and they're a little to high on her face in my version), but I was still quite pleased with her, and the Small Person really like her.

She took her Merida doll to school to show her friends on her birthday. We don't normally allow her to take toys into school, but this was a one off for her special day. She told me at dinner that her friends liked her doll and they all took turns playing with her at break time. She also said that she told her friends that her Mummy is just 'so really clever and makes lots of good things'. Awwwww. I have a fan! :)

The other make for her big birthday was a felt rosette in pink and purple that has a big number 7 and the words 'Birthday Girl'. I made it in exactly the same way as the Big Sister rosette I blogged about a few posts ago.

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