Friday, 14 December 2012

Lucy Price Christmas Party 2012

We had the busiest weekend ever, but it was fun busy. We'd had apple club, the light switch on and the Christmas tree festival on Friday, we had dance class with the showcase in the morning, then we had to hurry back home, do a quick change and head to the village hall for the Lucy Price Christmas party.

Our village has a trust for children which is called the Lucy Price trust, and they hold two Christmas parties for the children every year, one for the older children and one for the younger children (up to the age of 7).

The younger children were entertained by Uncle Mick who got them dancing, did a little bit of magic with them, played pass the parcel and then led a conga line around the room. The Small Person was a bit disappointed she didn't get a turn on pass the parcel (even though Uncle Mick asked her if she'd had a turn yet, and when she said she hadn't, he said, don't worry you'll be next, then he stopped it on a little girl who'd had a turn) but she took it quite well, considering. Other than that, they had a great time, Uncle Mick's great at getting thekids to join in and have fun. He's pretty good a making them laugh too. the Smaller Person kept saying 'man scary' but he didn't seem actually afraid of him, it was more like he considered it a game, running up to him, then running away. He was quite happy to join in the songs and games.

Afterwards, they all had their little tea party. Lots of little sandwiches and other buffet food with mini crackers for each of them. The party is great for all the children because it gets most of the children in the village together. They may all live in the same place, but the attend all sorts of different schools, and at this age, are too young to go off on their own around the village to visit each other.

After food, Santa always visits to talk to the children and give them a gift, but this year was an extra special treat because Jolly Jester Jingles was here too! The Small Person absolutely ADORES Jingles. She had Jingles for her superhero party a couple of years ago, and we used to see her at Warwick Castle when we visited. Jingles came to get the children ready for Santa and help them call him from far away. Once they had shouted loud enough, we could hear Santa's bells.

He came in with a sleigh full of gifts and sat on his special chair. Jingles helped call the names out and each child got their special gift. The Small Person got a lovely case with a knit your own owl kit inside. She hasn't tried knitting yet, but I promised her, once she's got the hang of sewing, I'll show her. She has visions of knitting everyone Christmas presents next year! The Smaller Person got Mike the Knight and Gallahad the horse. He's suitably pleased with those, he likes Mike the Knight and often watches it on TV.

After the festivities we visited my Nan and Grandad so the children could show what gifts Santa had brought and chat about what a wonderful time they'd had.

Alexandra had another party to go to in the early afternoon! Back over to dance class for their Christmas celebration. We used the time to race around the supermarket buying last minute things for her birthday party and a few things that will keep for Christmas. We just managed it in time and got back to collect her at 4.30pm. Phew!

And that wan't the end of our jam-packed weekend...

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