Saturday, 1 December 2012

Warwick Victorian Evening

I mentioned in the last post that we took the Small Person out for her birthday dinner after school, and afterwards moved on to Warwick for their Victorian Evening and Christmas light switch-on.

We haven't been to the Victorian Evening for a couple of years. We went every year while the Small Person was smaller, but she didn't remember it and the Smaller Person has never been.

There was a pop-up craft fayre where there were lovely baked products, jewellery, felt items, Christmas wreathes, illustrated cards, cake stands and the most wonderful wooden items. Alexandra had her face painted here, and the Smaller Person had a balloon sword (there was no way he would sit still long enough to have a painted face!).

They bought  teddy bear each from a stall. The Small Person's is called Scruff Bear and the Smaller Person's is called Oliver.

We browsed the stalls and crafts, carol singers were in the street, Morris dancers were getting ready to perform. We ran into my Mum and her partner. They are there every year without fail. Something about "Must buy pasties!".

The Small Person went on a ride while Mr Bogert went a bought a flapjack for the Smaller Person's sweet tooth.

We went and watched some of the Pantomime performers on the main stage, followed by some very enthusiastic can can dancers. It looked like a lot of fun (but they must have been freezing!).

We ran into a couple of friends and chatted with them for a short while.Next we moved on to the train ride that the Small Person had been desperate to go on, but we knew the Smaller Person would want to go too and that we'd never get him back in the pushchair, so we left until the very end! The man running the train said Mr Bogert could go on for free and keep an eye on Zack (very nice of him).

Mr Bogert was so pleased considering they had bells to ring and it went round and round and round and round.... You get the picture. He said he felt a little sick after going round that many times, but most importantly, the Small People loved it!

We picked up some drinks and just saw Santa and his entourage as we set off for the car park. Lovely evening, and very Christmassy if you ever get the chance to visit.

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