Monday, 13 July 2009

The end of term for our toddlers

It's going to be nice to have the summer break without having to drag myself to the village hall every Tuesday morning, but it's also going to be a sad end. Some of our little visitors wont be returning in Septemeber as they're moving on to bigger and better things (nursery, school etc). So I've decided to send them away with a little good luck message.

If I'd have had more time I would have come up with the drawing myself, but time is something I'm lacking greatly of late, so I got this lovely little image from a royalty free stock photo site.

" Although we're sad to see you go,
we know it's time for you to grow.
You've made new friends, had lots of fun,
But your time with us is now all done.
A new adventure is on it's way,
As you start at big school to learn and play."

This is the message inside the cards. I came up with the first 2 lines really quickly, but then just could not think of anything to follow that didn't sound too naff! Mum's really good at little rhymes, so I enlisted her help, and this is the finished result.
I wanted to make little badges too match the card design, but there's that time thing again.......

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