Friday, 31 July 2009

In the news

I didn't post any photos of the ark or the other kids in costume before because I don't really like to put other peoples kids on here. It's not really fair without asking. This photo I figured was OK though, because it's the one from the local paper. Alex's few minutes of fame! (I say few, because it wasn't long enough for 15!).

These are not the photographs taken by the newspaper photographer because *shock, horror* they haven't made any available to buy. Mummy's always like to buy souvenirs like this! I do. All the time. So, anyway, this is actually Rob's photograph taken whilst messing around with the camera after finishing the shots he took for the nursery DVD slideshow (also why they're not looking at him, oh well!). I have to give him credit :) So here's his handywork, showing off my handywork.

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