Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

The parrots and kangaroos are now finished for Noah's Ark, that only leaves me a crocodile and 2 plain green tabbards. Phew!

The parrots are on the larger side, but the kids that will be wearing these are the year above Alex, and there's a few bigger kids in there, so it was planned!

I'm not too happy with the kangaroos, but I had started to run out of fabrics by this point. That's why the tabbards are smaller. I had nothing left to use for lining (especially after using all the old sheets when I did the Christmas concert costumes last year!) so It's unlined, which meant I had to use binding to edge the neck, and the only colour I had was navy blue. Also, because it's not lined and this was a thinner fur fabric, the tail flops around a bit too much at the back.

Well, I just hope everyone can tell what it's supposed to be. I am rather proud of the ears though. I didn't have enough fur to do a whole head dress, so I copied my hen weekend bunny-ears. Because the ears are smaller and made of felt and fake fur, they didn't need wiring. They stand up all on their own. the small person has got her eyes on a pair of these for herself!

Now I just need to make a delivery to pre school.

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