Sunday, 26 July 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Another birthday over for another year, but a lovely birthday it was. Despite the awful weather we've been having, for one day only we had sun and warmth. We even sat in the garden when it was dark it was that nice! There is not a single morsal of food left, which I'm slightly disappointed by. I'm so used to having people round and being able to pick at little left overs for the next couple of days!

I've had tons of cards including one hand made hand print card from the small one. She was very proud of her art work which is great because that's exactly the way it should be :D

I had flowers bought for me (which never happens), and home made fairy cakes from my lovely sister, and a balloon, some smellies including a perfume I loved as a teenager, but they stopped making. It seems it's back, so I was super happy! I also had some yummy alcofrol (wine and cider) and choccies (which I must hide from bogert and the small person) and finally some clothes of which a big mention must go to the stripey monkey pants that my darling daughter chose for me all by herself! All in all, I feel very lucky to have been thought about so much.

Bogert also baked me a carrot cake. He forgot to grease the pan, but it turned out fine. He gets double brownie points. One for the cake being super yummy, and two for remembering it's one of my 2 favourite cakes (the other being lemon drizzle).

Today we went to IKEA. I am in love with this store! I could live there. Really, quite happily. We bought a shoe cupboard, the kind with the pull down compartments. We thought it was £70. but it had £10 off in the sale of which today was the last day. Great timing or what! So we spent the saved £10 on a mirror for the small persons bedroom. I got some blue fabric in the sale for 50p a metre. No idea what I'll do with it, but 50p?! How could I say no? And I do love blue in any shade. We bought some lovely kids fabric for Alexandra's room too. They are going to become curtains, a bedspread and a pillow case. Any leftover will become a cushion. I can't wait to see what they look like made up. We treated Alex to 2 little softies (above - meet Fiona Frog and Millie Mouse) too which will actually match her new bed furnishings. This was all finished off with lunch (and saved me from the chore of cooking and then washing up). Trips to IKEA always leave me feeling smiley.

And finally, going back in time and space to Friday, I finally got around to buying the pattern and fabric for my dress for the wedding in 2 weeks time. It's all cut out, tailor tacked and ready to sew.

My first full day as a 27 year old, I'm feeling very positive and happy about everything. Perhaps Rob slipped something in my carrot cake.

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