Saturday, 18 July 2009

The madness is over

The school year is over and with it all the madness that goes with it. The nursery production of Noah's Ark went very well. Our small person could have been mistaken for a confused looking statue for the most part, but she really seemed to come to life and enjoy herself when it was time to get up and do her butterfly dance! a photographer from the local aper came by afterwards and Alexandra was one of the kids chosen to be in a picture, so she'll be in next weeks edition!

Sports day wasn't quite as successful. The weather was so changeable, they (the teachers) spent most of the morning trying to make up their minds. It did go ahead, but it went a little pear shaped, and Alexandra's class didn't actually end up racing. They just sort of ran around the field a bit playing before they were taken to the playground, so that the older class could race. I was really disappointed :(

Rob took photos of all the kids in costume and also during the concert and during the sports day. I've been helping him select and edit the ones he's going to use. From the chosen ones, he makes a DVD slideshow for the parents to buy and gives the nursery a commission. He did the same at Christmas and the parents really seemed to love them. It's great for me, because I get all the pictures for free!

I should perhaps explain that Rob is a photographer alongside his "day" job. He does weddings, portraits, school pictures and events. He hopes one day that the photography can be his full time job, but in the mean time he'll just have to keep plodding on with both.

I have started another little crochet project because after finishing the blanket, I felt a little bit lost. More on that another time. I'm taking Sunday as a complete holiday. No volunteer projects (just for me/fun projects are perectly ok), no washing, no housework, no ironing, nothing. Wonderful calm, how I missed you.

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