Monday, 6 July 2009

Happy birthday, Nana!

Now, it's not that I forgot it's my Nan's birthday today. I hadn't forgotten at all. I had it in mind to go round for a visit with the small person today while Rob's at work. See, I was well aware of the birthday. I just forgot it's customary to give a gift and card. Told you I'd lost my mojo.

Well it must be slowly coming back because after an extremely quick stop at Dunelm yesterday (1/2 hour before closing time) I managed to get the bits and pieces required for our gift. Alex chose a lovely porcelain tea light holder to give her and I bought a feather filled cushion and some lace and fabric to make a cushion cover to go with it for her.

I used other bits I already had and once started, it didn't take too long to finish.

Nan seemed very pleased with it, so that's what counts.

Card from me and Bogert.

Card from the small person.

This weekend has been really busy. It was the Carnival in the town where Alexandra goes to nursery (and where most of our friends are from), so after finishing work on Saturday, the 3 of us went straight there. We browsed the stalls, had a go on the tombolas and we even found a dance school suitable for the small person! (she loves dancing and wanted to go to lessons, but we've been struggling to find one I can get to without a car, that caters for her age in the types of dance we thought she might like to try).

We sat in the old High Street to watch the floats go by. We had friends on 3 different ones, and one of them won overall first prize! They did Alice in Wonderland. I really wish we hadn't been in such a rush and forgotten the camera, because our friends were dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb! So funny! After the last float passed, we headed back to the field to take Alex on some of the rides at the fair. She went on the tea cups, the merry go round, the car ride and went in 2 fun houses.

Later, we took Alexandra on her first ever trip to the cinema to watch Ice Age 3. She loved in and was very well behaved. In fact when asked what she thought about it all she said "I think cinemas are cool!". There we have it, a rave review.

Yesterday we met up with 2 friends at Coombe Abbey for a picnic. One is an old school friend of mine and the other friend is her partner. They now live up north, so we don't get that much chance to see each other. It was lovely to have a catch up and she makes and ace potato salad!

So today I'm back to my deadlines and the real world, and apart from this little trip into blogland, I've mostly been cutting out parrots and parrot feathers for the Noah's Ark costumes. Something which I really should get back to right now!

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