Monday, 24 August 2009

Results of a crafty weekend

My! What big eyes you have!

My! What big teeth you have!

All the better for Mr Crocodile to look after Daddy, apparantly. This is the small person egg carton croc which she loved getting gluey making!

I told you these would become an obsession, but at least they may stop me making bags. For a little while. Maybe. Who am I kidding? We'll have bags and bows coming out of our ears by christmas.

Another WIP started this weekend. This is destined for a little girl's christmas present. (Not our little girl) now if I could just find my magical disappearing elastic, I might be able to get it finished, and I'll feel as though I've accomplished something towards the long christmas list.

I also made a start on Alexandra's party inviatations. When's the party? Oh, not until the start of December, but I like to feel organised. These are only started. I still need to add a ship and some writing.

Pink for the girls

Blue for the boys

Little pirate details. Made using the baby sizzix die.

Another WIP. Destined to be piratey goodies. (These are printed felt by the way).
We also got chance to try experimental hair dressing. This is what would happen if Princess Leia took a trip to Whoville.

And I got a start on the first of Alexandra's 2 halloween costumes. This is a Disney villain. Any guesses?

Here she is demonstrating her evilness.

Oh yes we've got to look out for this one. She looks pure evil....

.....especially in her Oopsie Daisy slippers.


  1. Close, but no cigar :) It's the other one who wears purple alot.

  2. Ha ha! It's the evil queen from snow white. I still have the cloak, head dress and belt to make. (And I'm all stocked up on bandages for her trick or treating costume :D)