Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Crafting time

I think I have finally caught up on most things (apart from that huge pile of washing). Why does it seem to take longer each time we have a break for some reason?

There are still plenty of unfinished projects that need my attention. I'm finishing that Hen weekend scrapbook this week (if it kills me! See, this is why I wanted all the bits, pieces and photographs earlier so that I could have it finished before all these other things happened and I had less time. Oh well.) and I have made some progress this week.

I've also been sketching an idea I've had for a while. Well it's less of an idea and more of an urge that must be fulfilled in order to stop me going crazy! So far my sketches are close, but not quite right. In fact the first incarnation on paper was, according to Mr Bogert, "Freaky looking". Not quite the look I was going for, so I'll keep sketching until I get a Eureka moment, and then I might actually try and bring it to life (in a non Dr Frankenstein way, of course).

All my big plans for things I wanted to make myself for Halloween have flown out of the window. Just not going to happen. My lovely halloween wreath that's been floating around my head since last Halloween, will have to carry on floating for another year. The only thing I MUST do is finish the small person's trick or treating costume. I also need to plan with Mr Bogert what we're going to carve on our pumpkins this year. I love Pumpkin carving (not so much the smell of the goopy stuff as you scrape it though) and my friend who lives a few houses down from us has asked me to help her carve her pumpkins this year. She's never done it before, but she's having a little party so I'll be getting an email later with her plans on! Very excited! (Halloween is the second best holiday of the year and it means it's getting closer to Christmas).

Other craftiness that has been sitting on the back burner and now desperately needs my attention are the bits and pieces for Alexandra's Pirate Birthday Party. Invitations still aren't finished, fabric still hasn't even been cut for bunting and I really need to think of little extra bits of decor. I wanted to use streamers to hang from the cieling, but I can neither find any streamers or work out how Mr Bogert would reach a cieling that high. I also have the last few eye patches to finish for the goody bags (as I ran out of elastic) and most important of all The Dread Pirate Ali requires a Pirate Princess costume (and so do Mummy and Daddy pirate). I've definately got my work cut out for me.

So much to do, so little time. So I probably shouldn't be sitting here talking to you guys, much as I enjoy it, but I have far more pressing matters to attend to!

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