Tuesday, 20 October 2009

There's more to tell

Still along the lines of catching you up, last week at toddler group we had a lovely lady from Pretty Pottery come in and do pottery painting with the kids. They got delivered all finished and glazed at today's session. The small person and I had taken the opportunity to get a few xmas prezzies sorted, so as they are prezzies I can't really show them yet.
Feeling rather sorry for myself and not wanting to be left out, I did persuade Alex to return to the painting table and create a final mug just for little old me to surprise myself with on xmas morning. (I'm sure I'll love it ;D) So, I can show you that one....

That big blue splodge is actually her hand print, I just couldn't get a decent angle to show that part.

And I can also show you the plate she painted for Grandma and Grandpa (I'm sure Grandma will love the blue spider!) as they don't understand the internet. Alexandra has already spoilt the surprise anyway. When I returned with the box full of ceramics she asked if we could show Grandma hers, (whilst Grandma was in the room) so I said "There isn't anything in here for Grandma" and Alexandra replied "Yes Mummy there is. Grandma's plate. Look I'll show you...." Can't keep secrets with small people.

That's her lovely green handprint. It looks big, but these are actually small plates. Somewhere between the size of a saucer and a side plate.

That's Grandma on the left with curly hair and glasses, and that's Grandpa on the right also with glasses (I think he looks a little grumpy too!)

So yes, I have been to toddler group today, but minus my little one. She's not feeling very well, so Grandma and Grandpa agreed to sit with her (wearing face masks, so as not to catch anything) whilst I went and ran the group. I had no choice. I've got the keys, the books and the cash! We painted pumpkin masks today, but as Alexandra wasn't there, I don't have one to show. In fact not having Alex here with me felt like I'd lost an arm or something. I kept looking to check where she was, then remembering she was at home. I went to sign her name in the book before realising, no, she's not here. I even went to pour her a squash at snack time before placing the cup back on the tray and shuffling off away into the kitchen, hoping no one has noticed I've lost the plot.

Anyway, I'm back with her now, and she's feeling slightly better. The first thing she said when I walked back through the door was "I'm not poorly anymore. Can I have a kiss?" Hmmmmm, I'll kiss the top of your head because you still have the lurgy.

We have half term next week, so a break from toddlers should give me just enough time to sort out the handouts for dates in the run up to xmas, any craft bits that need sorting, a sign up sheet for the last day of term before xmas (this is so we have numbers for the tea party), and a request for donations for our stall at the xmas fair.

Something that I also need to tell you about is our lovely new decorations! Unless you've never ever been on my blog before, you will know that I live for xmas. That's the whole point of the rest of the year. To prepare for christmas and to make christmas more special when it get's here! So every year we each get new decorations for the tree and we're especially fond of Disney ones (can't imagine why! :D). When Mr Bogert was away on his business trip to Kansas City a few weeks back, he spent alot of time at Hallmark (one of their big clients) and so he bought me back a a Hallmark Disney decoration which I love!

Obviously because we knew we were going to Eurodisney we were hoping they would have decorations in the shops too. We've only ever been in November before when they're already into their christmas season and festivities, so we weren't sure if they'd have any in October, but they did! Yay! So we each got to choose our favourite.

The small person chose this Princess one. It has the Frog Princess from the new movie in. We've promised to take her to see it when it's released.

Mr Bogert loves these rustic looking ones. He already bought one from the same set a couple of years ago when we were in Florida, so now he's got a second one to match.

I chose this one because I love the "snow" and the mickey ears bauble shape. I couldn't decide between the Mickey or the Minnie one, and when faced with indecisiveness, I always ask Mr Bogert to make the final decision (otherwise we'll be there all day!).

This one was an added bonus one. We love "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and we just thought that as this holiday was a Halloween holiday and we'd met Jack and Sally, we should have a Jack head bauble to remember it.

So I'm really excited and want to decorate my tree. NOW! But I have to pretend like I'm a grown up just for a little bit longer.....

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