Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tuesday afternoon crafting

Every Tuesday we go to my Nan and Grandad's for lunch. It's usually becuase we stop by on the way back from Toddler Group, but as it's half term Toddler's was closed (a lovely little break for me) so I got chance to gather some bits and pieces to take with me. We also had a test run of the small person's halloween costume. I wanted to know if I had enough bandages. Then she wanted to parade around to their house still wrapped up. Why not?
I sat there sewing and cutting in the midst of all the noise. It's always noisy there. They have the TV at full volume, then try to shout over the top of it, then Nan doesn't hear that someone else is talking and she starts talking over the top etc etc. I always leave there being able to hear the blood rushing in my ears! Anyway, this is what I crafted. It's for the small person to wear with her bandages.

Yesterday evening I felt the need to relax, the small person was already in bed and Rob was out at a shoot with another photographer friend, so I put on CSI, got my sewing machine out and made a bit of progress with my Chrsitmas gift tags. These tree ones just need the ribbons tying on. The stocking ones should reach this state later today when I've got my "housewife" jobs out of the way :D

What are you crafting today?

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