Wednesday, 14 October 2009

So cold......

Our house is like a freezer. When we bought the house just over a year ago, we knew exactly what we were getting because it used to belong to my Nan and Grandad. We bought it from my Dad and Uncle after my Grandad passed away. Anyway, the house has no heating. None whatsoever. It used to have storage heaters but they were taken out years ago.

The house is also only double glazed on the 2 front windows, but there is some sort of draft coming through one of them, and the front door is the original 1985 wooden one complete with large gap you can see down the street through (Ok, slight exageration, but there is a drafty gap) There is no pipework to have radiators put in, so what we have done since we moved in is have and electirc (fan/blower) style fire in the living room (which my wonderful DIY god of a husband did all by himslef. And it works.) and buy 2 electric supposedly "eco friendly" plug in heaters. They work great, but as we discovered last winter, they cost a bomb to run.

So is it mean and miserly of me to be sitting here with all 3 heaters turned off, wrapped up in many layers, making my daughter wear her dressing gown and ug boots over her clothes, typing with my handmade wrist warmers on, drinking hot drinks all day? Probably. Just a little. I'm sure I'll thank me when the electricity bill comes in.

Anyway, that has nothing at all to do with what I've been doing. Ignore my cold rambling self. Mr Bogert was away with work not last week but the week before. I thought I would get muchos crafting done. Not to be I'm afraid. I still had to go into work (my lovely grandparents watched the small person for me as I couldn't get her to nursery) and I had a big burst of energy that I threw at our insurmountable washing pile, and I nearly won too. I'm sure the white washing pile would agree I put up a good fight. I also did major cleaning works on the rest of the house, and it was all clean and shiny for about 3 hours. But I did enjoy those spotless 3 hours, even if they were shortlived.

My lovely girly friends (minus a couple who couldn't make it and one who had to leave early with the kids) - thanks for a great time girls

On the Saturday some of my lovely old school friends came round. We had a good old fashioned sleepover. PJ's madatory (even for those going home and not sleeping at mine). We watched Penelope (I love that movie), had a chinese take away, made banana splits with tons of sprinkles and things, and talked. ALOT. In fact, we're not quite sure how we got 4:30am, because we're all sure that we'd only been chatting for a couple of hours. The small person then woke us only about 4 hours later :( So tired. But happy tired. Had a great night with some fantastic friends that I'll always be very thankful for, then Heather (yes, potato salad Heather) brought Dogtanian with her! Yay! I love Dogtanian. So we sat in the conservatory watching that and drinking hot tea. "One for all and all for one, Muskehounds are always ready. One for all and all for one, helping everybody.........."

Suey looey

Mrs Monty

"Potato salad" Heather

Lisa Kim

We were still singing along to the theme tune when Rob returned from his work trip and joined in. More happiness :)

So as you can see there has been very little time for crafting. I did however sit up until about 11pm on that Sunday night finishing the Snow White Evil Queen costume, and I'm glad I did because Alexandra loves wearing it and acting "evil" (which to her means alot of pointing, cape flapping and frowning until you have a double chin). It's not up to my usual standards as I was rushing it, but it looks OK.

Also Heather (yes, it's the same Heather. She pops up alot here doesn't she?) and her lovely fella, brought me lots of lovely scrummy fabric. Yay! What am I going to make? Lots of things! Yay! The crown for the small person costume was made from a bit of one of the fabrics. It was like it was made for the purpose. Bad point of all this? Rob gets home. "What's all this in the bedroom?" Me - "It was already here" (this was said in a sort of hopeful way rather than an actual statement) And Mr Bogert's reply? He just rolled his eyes and went back downstairs. Good job he loves me.

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  1. i lived in a freezer in Scotland. there was heating but they only ran it 2 hours a day. One in the morning and one at night. We wore our coats inside and gloves. We sometimes carried hot water bottles around too. Hot drinks alllll day. heck yes. Sometimes it was colder inside than outside!
    I'm not even supposed to be on the internet right now! But I had a while before my bus comes!Don't tell!