Monday, 26 October 2009

Look! Look! Look! Surprise mail!

It started out as one of those "Meh" days (you know, where everything is meh or makes you want to say meh?).

I wasn't feeling 100% Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday. A gift from the small person and we think her nursery friends (again). But I'm feeling better which leaves no excuses for not getting my regular household type work done (and boy does it need it). So, looking in on the kitchen and seeing heaps of washing in varying states of finished (some hanging to dry, some wet and folded ready to be dried when there is a space, some dry folded wanting a good iron etc etc) made me want to go "meh". Then there's the washing up which we never do on a Sunday evening (lazy, I know, but it is our family day, so we'd much rather watch a movie together. This Sunday we watched High School Musical 3). "Meh" The bathroom is always cleaned on a Monday, but looks remarkably worse than ususal. "Meh" I'm not even going to mention the small person's room, but lets just say we've had a long chat this morning about looking after toys. "Meh". So, all around, "meh".

Then the post came. To Mr Bogert, To Mr Bogert, To Mr Bogert, To Mr Bogert Photography, To Mr Bogert. It's always for him, but it's usually boring bills which he's quite welcome to. Then a last bit of post came through the door looking all decorated and mysterious 'cos it was addressed to little old me :D Yay!

Well I'm not expecting anything....
Inside was this pretty little oval box tied with yarn.....

Inside the box was this lovely hint of sheer greeny fabric....

Inside that was this little peak at somethig sparkly....

Removing the "sparkly", it was this lovely little braclet! Yay for me!

And I love it! It's so pretty and thoughtful (and unexpected).

There's no accompanying note or sender's address, but this is Mrs Woo :) I saw a photograph of this lovely little trinket a while back and commented on how much I liked it because I have a thing for dragonflies (no really, I do. They're pretty and interesting and graceful and such lovely colours. The real ones just better not touch me 'cos I have a whole different thing about bugs!) I have some lovely dragonfly things already (perfume bottle, brooch etc) and now I have a new one to add to the collection!

Thank you so much Felicia, you're wonderful and you've cheered me up lots :D

I'm going to wear it now to make my "Meh" day a bit more sparkly and bright (but I wont wear it to do the washing up or clean the bathroom ;D)

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  1. hooray! it looks like it fits perfectly! I didn't actually mean for it to be a mystery! I'd totally meant to put a note in...but...sometimes my brain is too full and some stuff gets pushed out. Like "must put a note in there before I send it".
    I'm so happy that you like it & that your day is a bit more sparkly and bright!!!
    I love your photo documentary of opening your parcel, that is so fun! I couldn't do it! I've gotta tear straight into anything that arrives with my name on it!
    Chances are I will have been stalking the postman from our window so I know when he's been just so I can check to see if there is anything handwritten for me! I know. It's bad.