Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My "Little" sister is 20

When did that happen? (Well, Saturday actually). I remember when she had an awful tomboy bob, loved the spice girls and was still in primary school. I'm sure that was just last week. Anyway, I had thought I was organised but wasn't (as so often seems to happen lately) so I had to make a last minute card (which I don't think turned out too bad. What do you think?), wrap her present using nail scissors to cut the paper, and double sided tape to seal it, and it was finished just as she knocked on our front door to deliver cake. Mmmmm, cake :)

She treated herself to a new pet hamster which she let the small person name. He was going to be called "mouse" (as Alexandra is convinced that is what he is) but Auntie Steph wouldn't allow that. He was going to be called "Alexandra", but we had to explain he's a boy (not that you can tell. His cage is called "The Pink Palace". That's going to be one confused boy hamster) so she decided he should be called "Ratatouille". After a small discussion it was decided she actually meant "Remy" from ratatouille. So, welcome to the weird family, Remy :D

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