Monday, 19 October 2009

First of a few

First of a few posts that is. I still haven't quite caught up with what we've been up to. So, I finally listed my other hair bows that are ready in my folksy shop, You've seen my finished version of Snow White's Evil Queen, you know exactly what me and my girlies got up to whilst Mr Bogert was away, and you've seen what we've been up to with photography club. Now... how about Eurodisney?

Did we enjoy ourselves? Yes. Did we like where we stayed? Yes, it was basic, but served it's purpose fine. Did we see lots of characters? Yes and the small person got her picture taken and book signed.

We actually managed to get on just about every ride. We only missed the hollywood hotel lift thingy and the Swiss family Robinson's tree house. The small person went on her first ever rollercoaster, "Big Thunder Mountain". She was just tall enough. She was a little freaked out with the dark bits though, so we tried to make it more fun by shouting "Woooo!" and "Weeee!". She joined in, but didn't sound wholly convinced. When we got off we asked her if she enjoyed it. She said "Yes, it was OK, but I don't want to go on it again!" then there was a brief pause and she said "I hope I will be OK. That ride nearly made me wee wee."! Funny :D We also had to ride on Small World about 7 times, Dumbo about 6 times, and flying carpets another 5 times.

The 2 worst things about our little trip were the price of everything (mainly because of the exchange rate) and the disorganisation in comparison to Florida. They didn't fully inform you of show times and parades, and some of the shows were part in French, and part in English, which was a bit odd. Same as the signs. If you wanted to meet a character it was pretty much a free for all. There were so many pushy rude parents aswell. One Italian lady shoved in front of Alex when she was waiting patiently to see the wicked witch from Snow White, and started shoving her kids autograph book in her face to push her back. Mr Bogert got cross and told her she'd pushed in and to get the book out of Alexandra's face, she said she had been there first, Rob said she quite clearly hadn't, so she turned round and said "Well I have 2 kids so I'm more important" ! Unbelieveable! The Witch heard all of this though and made everyone move back so that Alexandra could get through and have her picture taken. It must be horrible for the people playing the characters aswell though. All the pushing and shoving and rudeness.

Eurodisney just wasn't the same as Florida. I guess we didn't expect it to be, but Disney isn't just about the characters, it's about getting this overwhelming exciting feeling like you're 7 again and everything is colourful and fun. You just don't have that feeling at the Paris park, so you can have a good time, but it just falls ever so slightly short. Next time we'll wait longer and save to go to Florida! :D

Having said that, I think the next big holiday on our list to save for will be Lapland. Got to get it in before the small person starts to question the existence of magic ;)

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  1. UGH! I would have gotten into it with that pushy mom I have to say. I do hope Miss Alex had a change of pants after all of the excitement of Big Thunder Mountain! She is sooo funny!