Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mr Bogert's photography club

Ok, not actually his club, it's the villages, but my very clever other half dreamed it into existence, so credit where credit's due. We had our second meeting of the club this Monday evening just gone, and I learnt something that stayed in my head :D There is hope for me yet!

Mr Bogert said that even if he didn't have the photography club he would have still taught me what he knows. I pointed out that it would be highly unlikely he would put together a powerpoint presentation with printed handouts just for little old me.

Our club in action
I'm really enjoying it, and we're getting to know new people too which is great. Mr Bogert set us all an assignment from September to bring to this last Monday's session. We had to photograph something from the local area where we live. Being completely overwhelmed with "other stuff" (lets just leave it at that) we didn't take our pictures until the Monday day. Naughty naughty. I promise I'll make an earlier effort for this next one. Our assignment for next time is to take a picture (or pictures) of greenery but also exploring depth of field (I think shallow depth of field).

Here's my piccies from the last assignment. Most people are from our village, which meant we had alot of photos of the church. But it was interesting to see different perspectives.

Our village church

War memorial cross in the churchyard

Mr Bogert also serves on the village hall committee, and they asked him if we would display some prints along with the art club at the Christmas fair. Yay! He's asked everyone who wants to take part to submit 10 photographs we like of our own work for the club members to vote which to use. One final print chosen from each person wishing to take part. I'm really looking forward to seeing what pictures everyone submits.

I'm slowly catching you up on what's been going on at the Wishes household. And well done Mr Bogert on making a really good idea a reality. See, I knew you were wonderful when I married you :)

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