Tuesday, 15 November 2011

12 Years

That's right, twelve years today me and my Mr Bogert became a couple. I recall thinking at the time "well, if it doesn't work out, we only need to stay together until he joins the Commandos." which was his plan at the time (which changed considerably). Then I kinda grew attached to him :)

Mr Bogert when I first met him (with Anthony).

We have always celebrated the day we got together (even after we got married). We used to take weekends away or go out for big fancy dinners, then we had the small people so we could only manage a cinema date or a dinner at the pub down the road from us. This year, we don't even have time (or funds) for that, but it's still an important day. When Mr Bogert returns from work and the kids have gone to bed, we will have an in the house date night with a movie and maybe some hot chocolate :)

At Mr Bogert's 30th birthday masquerade back in March.

Mr Bogert is more lovely now than he was when we first met, and I'd just like him to know I appreciate him, even though we rarely have time to show it.

Family Newman at a friend's Silver Wedding Anniversary a few months ago.

I love you Bogert Man :)

(The last 2 images are courtesy of Peter Weston.)

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  1. Wow! 12 years seems like so long, I'm sure we'll look back years and years from now and think, "12 years, that was a blink of the eye". Congrats you guys! May you have many more happy years together x