Friday, 18 November 2011

Spotty Dotty for Pudsey

Tonight is BBC Children in Need and people have been fund raising all over the country. The Small Person's school had take a bear to school day (50p), Pennies for Pudsey (taking in spare 1p coins to stick to a giant picture of Pudsey Bear) and Wear What You Like Day, but with a spotty theme (£1).

They did this last year (if you've been reading for a while you may remember last year where I discovered the Small Person doesn't really own any spotty clothes), but this year there was a competition for the best spotty outfit per class.

To be honest, I haven't been feeling very wonderful, and it wasn't really until last night that I felt able to address the spot issue for this year, so last night, I made this:

I used a pair of the Small Person's leggings and sewed some craft pom poms to the cuffs.

I used a bright pink t-shirt and sewed some larger craft pom poms at the neck.

I turned the red net left over from the halloween costume into a net petticoat by folding in half lengthways and sewing a channel along the fold. I threaded elastic through the channel for the waistband, then a sewed 48 craft pom poms to the bottom edge of the top layer of net skirt (it has 2 layers because it is folded in half).

The skirt is a cricular skirt made from cheap white satin with a 4" deep waist band in the same satin. It has a velcro fastening. The hem is done very quickly (and roughly) because I was so short on time. The spots are cut in various sizes from craft felt. I played around with the arrangement and once I was happy, pinned them all in place. Each is stitched in place with a running stitch using matching embroidery floss.

For her hair, after tying 2 high ponytails, I cut a small circular template from paper and used blue, yellow and pink hair spray to spray spots over the hair on her scalp (not the ponytails). To finish it off, we bought a pair of Pudsey ears from the bakery :)

She didn't win best spots in the class and was a bit upset (she said they voted for the other boy because he was funny and she wasn't!) but we talked about how much fun she had and how that's what counts the most.

In other news, she got a treat at home because she got 10 out of 10 on her spelling test (again).

We're now watching the fundraising on TV and we've let the Small Person stay up to watch. She is now watching the Strictly Come Dancing newsreaders and telling them "it's not all about winning"! Something got through :)

The pom pom petticoat and spotty skirt have been added to the fancy dress box :)

Sorry the pictures aren't great, but the light this morning as we were getting ready for school was not wonderful for photograph taking.


  1. OMG, she looks so cute! What a fantastic outfit you made for her! Well, she looks like a winner, it's the best outfit I have seen for a very long time!

  2. Thank you! The Smaller Person enjoyed it too - he got to play with the pom poms! Now, how to top it next year...?