Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Toddler Group Tuesday - Christmas Pudding Cards

Today at toddler group we have been making potato printed Christmas cards.

You will need:
- some card (any colour you like, but festive colours like red and green work particularly well)
- some green felt/paper/foam cut into holly leaf shapes
- some brown paint
- some black paint
- glue
- red craft pom poms/felt circle/buttons
- white felt
- a baking size potato (cut across so you have a large oval/circle stamp)
- a small carrot (cut so that you have a small circle stamp)
- some glitter

First fold your card in half.

Use your potato stamp with the brown paint and stamp once onto your card.

Now use your small carrot stamp with the black paint to stamp small black circles onto your brown paint.

Sprinkle with glitter whilst the paint is still wet (gold or brown coloured glitter looks best).

Cut a circle from the white felt that is roughly the same size as your potato stamp. Now cut a wiggly line across the centre (the wigglier the better) This will be for the white sauce on top of your pudding.

Glue one of the white felt pieces to the top of your pudding picture. (if you are making more than one card, the other half can be used for another pudding picture).

Glue 2 green holly leaf shape to the top of your white sauce covered pudding.

Glue 3 red berries (the red pom poms/felt/buttons) to the point where your holly leaves meet.

All finished!

You could add some wording to the front either hand written, a stamp, printed from the computer or a sticker. This could also be turned into a lovely little Christmas gift or decoration by creating the picture on a small box canvas, or on some stiff board and the framing it. It could hang on your wall all the festive season and be treasured every year, even when your little artist has grown up.

(sorry for the poor pictures - they were taken rather hastily this morning at Toddler Group.)

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  1. Brilliant!! We will be trying this tomorrow here at Tiddas Childcare :)