Saturday, 26 November 2011

Village Christmas Fayre

Today was the annual Village Christmas Fayre held in the Village Hall.

We didn't have a stall and we wren't signed up for anything during the day. For once we were just going to look around the stall, buy raffle tickets and have turns on the Tombola.

The Small Person on the other hand had been asked to be Santa's helper this year. I reused her red deer Christmas skirt from when she was an Elf at nursery (a while ago), her red and white striped pirate tights from her 4th birthday party, her red net pom pom petticoat from Children in Need a week or so ago, a plain white t-shirt, green cardigan and a santa hat. I centre parted her hair and plaited each half then tied it in a loop low just below her ear. I put a little flick at the corner of each eye with a black liquid liner, then used pink face paint for her nose and rosy circle cheeks. She looked very sweet.

She was excited all day, and getting ready, then she couldn't wait for Santa to arrive at the hall, then when he got there, she just stood really quietly with a very serious face. (we had warned her she had better be on her very best behaviour so as not to go on the naughty list). Santa said it was OK because she was obviously taking her job very seriously.

Later, when her duty was done, she said her legs were very tired (she had to stand) and she said she thought next time she wouldn't want to help Santa. I think being so good and quiet for so long really took it out of her!

As for no jobs for me and Mr Bogert? Well, when I took the Small Person to Santa's grotto (cupboard), one of the committee members said to me "Oh, you're collecting tickets, OK, good" and that was that. I was collecting tickets. (each child is given a ticket to visit santa as they arrive at the hall).

Santa Arrives
We took the camera to snap a few pics of Alexandra and Zack with Santa, and then in the end took photos for the village web site for "village events".
Zack met Santa and cried. Santa gave Zack chocolates - the crying stopped!

Santa and his serious helper

Nan stocking up on raffle tickets
We still had chance to see the stalls. The gardening stall (gardening club is new this year) was very impressive and were raffling off a real Christmas tree. The regulars were there (alzheimers society, WI, Aromatherapy, Asda bus tombola, church tombola, woodwork man, friendly club, art club etc etc.)

Gardening Club stall and the prize tree
Zack and Alex each had a turn on the lucky dip and bought a knitted duck from the Alzheimers Stall (£2.25 the lady charged for these - bargain! They're lovely). Alex won quite a few things on the tombola, Rob bought 2 cakes from the WI, and Alexandra spent her last bit of cash on a wooden Teddy Bear for the Chrismas tree.

Knitted ducks (Mr and Mrs)

Auntie Heather and Uncle Andy stopped by and we sat having a chat, hot drink a piece of cake.

Auntie Heather and Uncle Andy
Finally, 4pm came, the raffle tickets were drawn. We didn't win the tree much to Mr Bogert's disapointment and we didn' win the art club painting donated by one of the members, much to my disapointment. The painting was by my favourite of the art clubs members. I would have gladly hung that picture straight on our wall, but it was not to be. We did win a prize though, we won the fruit basket which is piled with yummy fruits, and the basket is rather nice too! The Small Person wanted to know if we had to finish the fruit and give the basket back!

As we walked home, the Small Person had obviously been thinking about things: "Why didn't Santa just bring one of his elves with him? Why did he need me?"
"Well at this time of year the elves are busy finishing presents and wrapping them in time for Christmas. Santa can't spare them, that's why he needed your help."

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