Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Toddler Group Tuesday - Remembrance Poppies

After all the time off with exams and the smaller person's operation - we're back with toddler group Tuesday!

This week the toddlers have been making poppies for Remembrance day.

You need:
- Glue
- Red tissue/crepe/ordinary paper (different effects using each - but remember crepe paper runs!)
- Plain card
- Green felt/card/foam
- Black card/felt/tissue paper
- lollipop stick if you want to hold it or place it in the ground
- Safety pin or brooch back to turn it into a badge


1. First cut a small circle from the plain card to use as a base.

2. Cut a leaf shape from the green felt/card/foam and stick this to your circular base.

3. Cut petal shapes (like a heart shape) from the red tissue/crepe/ordinary paper.

4. Stick these all around your circular base, over the top of the leaf (the leaf should just be sticking out behind the petals now).

5. Cut a smaller circle from the black card/felt/tissue paper for your poppy centre. Stick in place.

6. Glue your lollipop stick to the back of your circle base, or tape your safety pin/brooch back in place if you are turning it into a badge.

All done!
Left - Poppy with felt leaf and double layer of petals.
Right - Poppy with foam leaf and single layer of petals.
I glued all of the lollipop sticks to the circular bases before toddler group to give them a start. It really depends on time and can get quite messy glueing on both sides at once (without allowing one to dry first).

Bases and sticks all glued up ready for toddler group with a finished example.
Remember, although this is a fun craft to do with children and also to make them aware of the cause that the poppy represents, it's good to show your support by purchasing and wearing an official poppy from the British Legion. Lest We Forget.


  1. Hello - I am making a display at my school library to commemorate the anniversary of WW1 and went online to find some image of poppies which could enhance and finish off the display sympathetically. I've found yours and would like permission to use them, please? I love the simplicity of the style and they're made all the more poignant and meaningful as children have actually made them. What better tribute. Would you mind if I print off several and add them to my display and, of course, I'll credit your site. With thanks, in anticipation. Mrs Bernie Gardiner

  2. Hi Bernie, by all means, feel free to use the images in your display. Thank you for asking. Vicky.