Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember the Village Bonfire

It's nights like these I love living in a village. We walked from home across to the field. We ate burgers and hot dogs, drank fizzy drinks and hot chocolate. The small person had sparklers and saw plenty of school friends, the smaller person played with glow sticks and saw his little friend Ethan. He also spent the entire bonfire trying to remove all of his clothes! (the number of times I had to search for socks or hats in the dark was unbelievable!)

What is so lovely about the village bonfire is it isn't too busy: there's plenty of space around the bonfire, and you're going to run in to lots of friendly faces who stop and chat for a while.

What made it even lovlier this year was Zack's Godparents Auntie Simone and Uncle Ted came and brought baby Ethan. It was Ethan very first bonfire night. He was fascinated by the bonfire, not so hot on the fireworks, but that could have been because it was past his bedtime by then. I got to chat with Simone about her course and have a catch up, the small person 'helped' Uncle Ted with Ethan's pushchair, and Mr Bogert was in photographer mode.

It wasn't Zack's first bonfire night, but he was very young last year, and he pretty much slept though the entire thing (even the funny part where a lady fell in the garden pond! - We were at a friends house last year and missed the village one.) That's kind of what happened with both of ours: Their first bonfire nights, christmases and New Year were all a blur to them (and Halloween for Zack). Too young. This year, the second year, it's all a bit more fun. Zack really enjoyed his bit of hot dog!

Lovely night. Now we're relaxing watching a film enjoying the evening, the small people are fast asleep and looking very sweet as they dream. Up early-ish tomorrow to take the small person to Sunday School whilst Mr Bogert and the smaller person get a lie-in.

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  1. Mr Woo was the fireworks master at the old folks home. He stood out in the garden lighting fireworks while they finished their dinner and looked not interested. But I think he still enjoyed himself :)
    I love the photos of Alex & the sparkler, beautiful!