Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Christmas Countdown

December is almost here and I've been losing time finding inspiration on Pinterest!

Mr Bogert and I had already decided we wanted to watch a Christmas movie every day with the small people in the run up to Christmas. We made a list of our favourite Christmas movies (young child friendly ones - No Gremlins or Bad Santa in this list!) and each has been written on a card. Every day we pull a card from the bag, and that's the movie we watch! The rules are though, that if we pull out a movie that is part of a series, we watch the series in a row on the following nights.

So, we already had the movie countdown planned, but then I came across this on Pinterest: Activity Advent Countdown with The Activity Mom.

So now we have our own Wishes activity countdown using quite a few suggestions from Activity Mom, and a few others thrown in of our own or seen in other places. The Small person gets to open an envelope each day which has her activity in. After the activity, we finish off with the movie. (There maybe popcorn and hot chocolate involved - preparing for Christmas is a serious business!)

I hope you'll join us through December as we blog our countdown!

(We're actually starting the movies a few days early because we liked so many, we didn't have enough days!)


  1. I love this idea...we as a family did it last year and the children really enjoyed it..definitely much more than a chocolate once a day!