Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another Blanket

This blanket is for baby Annabelle, the doll kind, not the real version :)

My sister-in-law has a baby Annabelle doll and she really wanted her own special blanket for her, so as part of her present for her birthday this last Saturday, I made her this pink white and cream one.

I've used ordinary DK in a shade of pink. It is made by alternating rows of double crochet and treble crochet. For the last 14 rows I switched from the pink to the white, then to cream (the last 4 rows). I have embroidered a letter 'A' in the pink yarn on the white band to finish it off. The switch to white was intentional, but I was finishing the last bit off by the light of my bedside lamp and picked up what I thought was white yarn, but was actually cream - oops! The yellow light of the lamp made it hard to see the difference. I don't think the few rows of cream look too bad though, and it's lucky that the joining point wasn't mid row.

The right side of the crochet.

The wrong side of the crochet.

After I'd finished it, tied off and woven in the ends, I sat there in bed and thought 'Those few rows don't look quite right'. I asked Mr Bogert what he thought, but I said you probably can't see can you? (Because he's colour blind, and struggles to distinguish between similar shades), but he said 'what? That the very top is a different colour? I can see that.' sounding as though he thought he was being very helpful.
'You can?'
'Yeah, right there. hang on, fold it out' so I unfold it.
And he says 'There's the one colour, and there's the second colour', pointing first to the main pink part of the blanket, and then to the white band.
' I can see that. That's the part that's supposed to change colour! I meant at the top here...'
'Well I didn't know. I can't see. Leave me alone, stop picking on me...' and he rolled over with a pout. Poor Mr Bogert.

We gave the Blanket to his sister this last Sunday whilst we were at his Mum's for dinner. Now baby Annabelle can sleep soundly under her warm blanket :)

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