Saturday, 10 November 2012

Baby Blanket Production Line

Yes, the baby blankets are still being created one after the other. There are just so many new babies on the way at the moment! I have one more to make after this one, then I can perhaps move onto Christmas gifts!

This one is destined for a sweet little bundle due early next year. Expectant Mummy is a lady who works at the local Children's Centre and assists at Toddler Group. She is due to start her maternity leave just before Christmas, so her last day with us will be our Christmas tea party, and that's when I intend to give her this gift.

Mummy and Daddy to be decided not to find out their baby's gender, so the blanket is neutral. I asked Mummy what colour they've decorated the nursery, and they've chosen yellow, so I have included a yellow stripe on the border this time, and I used the same eyelet style edging as I did on this baby boy blanket back in August (that seems like SUCH a long time ago now!). It's not too frilly in case baby turns out to be a boy, but is still pretty enough to finish the edge off

As I will not be able to add my usual name, date and weight personalised patch, I have embroidered a little quote instead. It didn't seem right sending it to it's new home without some sort of patch. It reads:

There's really nothing
quite so sweet
as tiny little
baby feet.

We'll be holding a collection for Mummy-to-be at Toddler Group aswell and filling in a card from everyone. I hope she finds the time to pop back whilst she's on maternity leave and introduce us all to her new little person. There's nothing quite so wonderful as a new Small Person :)


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