Thursday, 15 November 2012

Little Boy Cravat

Tonight we are out our lovely friends wedding rehearsal. The wedding is this Saturday afternoon and Mr Bogert is the Best Man, I'm a bridesmaid, the Small Person is a bridesmaid and the Smaller Person is a page boy so we all have very important jobs on the day.

The bride asked me if I could make a smaller toddler-friendly cravat in a fabric that matches the bridesmaid dresses. Here is the finished version.

I made cravats for our wedding in the same fabric as the bridesmaid dresses, so I began making it exactly the same way as that, just sized for a Smaller Person. The other difference (other than size) is that I split the cravat into two halves and fastened a length of elastic between them so that the cravat can be a pre-tied one that slips over his head. No chance of him pulling it and hurting his little neck. It would also work with a velcro fastening.

If I get chance before Christmas I will draw up a tutorial for you :)

I will be back with plenty of talk about the wedding after the event.

Incidentally, it also Mr Bogert and my anniversary today. Not our wedding anniversary, but we have always celebrated the day we first got together. This year it is 13 years. Wow, that means we must be getting older!

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