Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Christmas Tree Decorations

This Tuesday we made hanging decorations for Christmas. Look! Mini Christmas trees!

 To make your own pine cone Christmas tree you will need:

- A pine cone (one of our lovely mums went out collecting some and brought some in for us to use for different craft projects.)
- Green paint
- Green glitter
- Glue
- Yarn or thin ribbon
- foil confetti or stickers (we used both)

First of all you need to tie your length of ribbon or yarn around the top (pointy end) of your pine cone. Make sure you double knot it, then tie a knot in the end of the yarn or ribbon so that it forms a loop to hang with (so that's 3 knots in total).
That's the worst part, not because it is hard, but because it is fiddly! Once it's done, it's the fun decorating.
Paint green paint on your cone (it doesn't matter that the natural colour shows through, it all adds to the effect).

Whilst the paint is wet, sprinkle with green glitter.
Use the glue to stick your confetti all over, or just use the stickers as they are.

All done!

My example tree.

The Smaller Person tree.

Craft pom poms would work well for baubles on the mini tree too, but we didn't have any. Also, you could make a mini paper banner with scrolled ends to glue across the the centre with a festive message or a person's name (this would work well for an extra special gift tag).

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